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Purchasing a turnkey property.

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Congratulations on receiving approval to purchase a turnkey property! This accomplishment sets the stage for an exciting investment in your future.

Your best next steps...

In this guide, you'll find essential details, including the bank's approval letter and our summary, to guide you through the next stages of your home-buying process.
Review approval details and purchase limit:
Within our summary letter, you'll discover the bank with which you've been approved and the maximum amount you can purchase up to.
Understanding these specifics helps you target properties within your approved range.
Understand conditions and glossary:
Your approval includes certain conditions listed on the right-hand side, along with a glossary explaining what each term means.
Familiarizing yourself with these requirements will ensure a smooth and timely purchase process.
Prepare for valuation:
A valuation is required for your purchase, and we will order this on your behalf. Please look out for an email from the valuation provider, as the valuation cannot commence until payment has been made.
Prompt attention to this step is crucial for keeping your purchase on schedule.
Note repayment schedule:
You won't need to make any loan repayments until the turnkey property has been completed. Being aware of this schedule helps you plan your finances during the construction phase.
Ignore mentioned interest rates:
Please disregard any interest rates mentioned in the bank's letter, as these will be discussed closer to the settlement date.
This ensures that your final rate aligns with the prevailing market conditions.
Contact your adviser with questions:
If you have any questions or need further clarification on any aspect of your purchase, your adviser is here to assist you. Don't hesitate to reach out, as tailored advice can streamline your experience.
The approval to purchase a turnkey property marks a significant step in your journey towards homeownership. By closely following these action points and working with our dedicated team, you're on a clear path to success.
Thank you for choosing us to assist with your property purchase, and we look forward to supporting you every step of the way!

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