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Building A New Home

Building a new home or investment property can have big financial advantages. We help you make the most of them.

Building new is exciting, and it comes with some big decisions!

We can provide the advice you need to confidently make these decisions, and help you understand their long-term impact. For example, will you buy a ‘house and land package’ (turn-key home)?

This means the building company retains ownership of the home until settlement, so you only need to pay a deposit up-front and the remainder on completion. The alternative - buying a section and employing a builder - requires you to make progress payments along the way, which can be a juggle.

Helping you make decisions with confidence.

Each approach has positives and negatives, so give us a call early in the process. We’ll help you make a solid plan that matches your goals for the future.

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We’ll hunt the market to find you the best deal, and provide all the advice you need to enjoy and understand the process.
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