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When life changes, your mortgage should too. Whether it’s a change in your household or at work, your loan structure needs to stay relevant.

We help you choose the right mortgage restructuring option based on your life changes or financial goals. Our expert solutions enable you to deal with your obligations that have a profound impact on your financial situation.

restructure mortgage loans
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From the arrival of a new baby to starting a new job or getting a promotion, life impacts your financial situation.

Restructuring your mortgage can reduce financial stress by minimising repayments when your
household income reduces – or help you get to your financial goals faster with increased payments
when your income increases or other obligations change.

By restructuring your mortgage, we may be able to increase your lending to cover property
renovations, taking advantage of a better interest rate. If you’re buying into a new business or need
a capital injection for your existing business, a mortgage restructure can free up funds. And if your
relationship status has changed, whether you’re combining assets or going through the process of
separation or divorce, it’s essential to talk to an expert about how to restructure your lending.

restructure mortgage loans

Not sure what the future holds and need more flexibility? We can help with that too.

The team at NZ Mortgages are dedicated to getting you the best outcome for your needs.

It all starts with a friendly chat about your situation and then we find the best fit for you. For today’s situation or a change on the horizon, get in touch with us and let’s help you make a plan.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of mortgage restructuring?
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Benefits include potentially lowering monthly payments, reducing interest costs over the life of the loan, improving cash flow, and aligning your mortgage with your financial goals.

When should I consider mortgage restructuring?
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You might consider restructuring your mortgage if you're facing financial difficulties, want to take advantage of lower interest rates, or aim to pay off your loan faster.

What is mortgage restructuring?
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Mortgage restructuring involves modifying the terms of an existing mortgage, such as adjusting the interest rate, loan duration, or payment schedule, to better suit the borrower's financial situation.

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