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Living your best life in your new home?
Ensure it stays that way with insurance policy packages to protect your investment. The NZ Insurances team have the same great customer service and industry know-how you’ve come to expect from NZ Mortgages.
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The NZ Insurances team are real people, who want to get to know you.

Buying a home is a huge milestone, and often a reminder to update your insurances so you don’t miss payments and lose the house if something goes wrong. Get all your insurance sorted at once so you know you’re completely covered. As well as home and contents insurance, NZ Insurances has packages to protect your loved ones, your health, and income.
The NZ Insurances team are real people, who want to get to know you. They educate you on how to better insure your financial situation and safeguard your future, without all the weird insurance industry lingo. And they give you advice in plain English, every step of the way.Insurance for your home, life, health and business.
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