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Your guide to house hunting with preapproval.

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Congratulations on securing your preapproval for a home loan! This exciting milestone marks the beginning of your house hunting journey.

Your best next steps...

In this guide, you'll find crucial details from the bank's approval letter and our summary, empowering you with the confidence to make informed decisions.
Understand your approval amount
Take a close look at the summary to find the amount you are approved for. While this figure represents your maximum purchasing power, your adviser will recommend a specific borrowing amount to ensure financial stability.
It's essential to adhere to this budget.
Identify property type approval:
The summary specifies the type of property you are approved to purchase, whether established or a build.
Please keep in mind that switching between the two will require a new approval, so stick to the specified category.
Review conditions and glossary:
On the right-hand side of the document, you'll find specific conditions and a glossary explaining their meanings.
Familiarize yourself with these, as they are crucial to understanding your preapproval.
Disregard mentioned interest rates:
Any interest rates mentioned in the letter should be disregarded. Rest assured; these details will be discussed closer to settlement.
Contact your adviser with questions:
Your adviser is here to assist you throughout the house hunting process. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need clarification during your search.
Happy house hunting!
With your preapproval in hand, you can confidently explore the housing market and find your dream home within your budget. We're dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.
Don't hesitate to contact us for assistance and enjoy this thrilling phase of your home buying experience!

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