Scott Carragher

General Manager


Scott Carragher

Scott brings significant experience from the banking and finance industry to the mortgage advisory business. He is excited to be able to continue to help people along their financial journey and towards their goals, whatever those may be. Lending can be over-complicated, Scott loves to simplify things and make it as easy and stress-free as possible for his clients to obtain finance. Helping people achieve their goals is very rewarding and Scott is happy that he can continue to help as many people as possible.

Scott has worked for NZ’s largest bank for over 7 years in both Business Banking and leadership roles including management of four different branches across Christchurch and North Canterbury

Scott is a family man who loves sports and finance. He has a busy life with two young sons and is also an active property investor. On the weekend he will often be found on the tennis court, the cricket ground or down at the beach.

Scott’s experience in business banking means that he can deal with a wide range of clients. It also means there aren’t many situations that Scott hasn’t seen when it comes to finance. No matter what your situation is, Scott is able to help.

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