Paul Garner

Mortgage Adviser


Paul Garner

Paul is an enthusiastic Mortgage Adviser who brings a wealth of knowledge from his background in banking and finance to his role. His extensive experience in the industry seamlessly transfers into the mortgage advisory business, allowing him to provide valuable insights and guidance to clients.

Driven by a desire to help others achieve their goals, whether on an individual or business level, Paul is dedicated to supporting clients no matter the scale of their aspirations. Having been a former banker and successfully running a healthcare business, he understands the challenges people face in both personal and professional endeavors. Paul's primary role is to assist clients on their journey and ensure a smooth and efficient process.

With over six years of experience as a Business Banking Manager at NZ's Largest Bank, Paul has helped numerous clients and businesses achieve their goals. Whether it's a new start-up venture or an established company operating internationally, he has a deep understanding of the diverse needs and requirements of his clients.

In his personal life, Paul cherishes spending time with his lovely wife Frankie and daughter Saoirse. When he's not assisting clients or with his family, you can find him at the New Brighton football club, indulging in his love for rugby. With his background, skills, and experience, Paul is well-equipped to assist clients across a wide range of stages and situations.

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