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Understanding the Difference Between KiwiSaver and HomeStart Grant for First-Home Buyers

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For New Zealanders aspiring to own their first home, navigating the financial assistance options can be overwhelming. Two key programs that often arise in these discussions are KiwiSaver and HomeStart Grant. To avoid any future confusion, we look to clarify the differences between these two schemes and provide helpful insights for first-home buyers.

  • KiwiSaver is a voluntary long-term savings initiative introduced by the New Zealand government. It aims to assist individuals in saving for retirement while also offering opportunities for homeownership. By contributing a portion of their income to a KiwiSaver account, members can benefit from employer contributions, government tax credits, and potential investment returns. After at least three years of regular contributions, eligible members can withdraw funds from their KiwiSaver account to put towards their first home purchase.

  • The HomeStart Grant is a subsidy provided by Kāinga Ora to support first-home buyers. This grant offers financial assistance for eligible individuals or households purchasing their first property. Unlike KiwiSaver, the HomeStart Grant is a one-time payment that does not require repayment. The grant amount varies based on individual circumstances such as income, dependents, and property location.

Key Differences between KiwiSaver and HomeStart Grant:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • KiwiSaver: To access the KiwiSaver First-Home Withdrawal, you must be a member for at least three years, purchase a first home, not own any previous property, buy a property in New Zealand, plan to live in the purchased property or build a home on the land, and meet specific property and land arrangements.
  • HomeStart Grant: To qualify, you must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, have contributed to KiwiSaver or a complying superannuation fund for at least three years, earn within the income limits, and purchase or build a first home that meets specific property price caps.

Withdrawal Limits and Grant Amounts:

  • KiwiSaver: Eligible members can withdraw their own contributions, employer contributions, government member tax credits, and investment returns. However, the initial $1,000 government kick-start payment, funds transferred from an Australian superannuation scheme, and member tax credits received while living offshore cannot be withdrawn.
  • HomeStart Grant: The grant amount varies based on individual circumstances, such as income, dependents, and property location. Specific price caps apply based on regions and property types.

Utilizing the Schemes:
  • KiwiSaver: By contributing regularly to KiwiSaver, members can accumulate savings and access their funds after three years for a first-home purchase. The contributions and potential investment returns can boost their deposit and overall affordability.
  • HomeStart Grant: First-home buyers can apply for the HomeStart Grant to receive a one-time payment, which can be used towards their deposit or other home-buying expenses. This grant provides an additional financial boost to help individuals take the crucial step towards homeownership.

Understanding the differences between KiwiSaver and HomeStart Grant is essential for first-home buyers in New Zealand. While KiwiSaver focuses on long-term savings for retirement and homeownership, the HomeStart Grant offers a one-time subsidy to support the purchase of a first property. By familiarizing themselves with the eligibility criteria, withdrawal limits, and grant amounts, prospective homeowners can make informed decisions and maximize the benefits provided by these schemes.

Note: It's essential to consult official sources, such as the New Zealand government's websites, for the most up-to-date information and specific details regarding eligibility and requirements for KiwiSaver and HomeStart Grant.

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