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Leveraging Work Package Discounts for Your New Mortgage

Do you work for a reputable large company in New Zealand? You may be eligible for discounted rates on your mortgage.

Work package discounts tied to new mortgages offer substantial benefits, often overlooked by many prospective borrowers.

As experienced mortgage advisers, we're well-versed in the array of work packages various banks provide, catering to different employers.

These packages encompass a spectrum of perks. Some basic offerings encompass fee waivers for credit cards, account maintenance, and foreign exchange commissions. Yet, the real value lies in premium packages like platinum or elite tiers. These can entail substantial interest rate reductions, ranging from 0.6% to 1% on floating rates and up to 0.25% to 0.35% on fixed rates.

A multitude of companies across New Zealand—major entities like Air New Zealand, universities, DHBs, Police, Fire services, the IRD, Foodstuffs, among others—offer tailored work packages through various banks. Often, employees of these organizations stand to gain significantly from these bespoke mortgage deals.

We strongly advise clients associated with these organizations to inform us about their employment, as this can unlock exclusive benefits and potentially significant savings on their mortgage rates. Don't miss out on the advantages tailored to your employment status; consult our expert mortgage advisers to capitalize on these offerings.

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