Landscaping Your Home Using Home Equity

Getting the outside at your property tidied up? Looking to lend some money but not quite sure how, or how much to borrow? Take a read to learn about using your home equity to complete some landscaping.

One of the most common requests we've encountered over many years involves utilizing home equity for landscaping.

Many homeowners are keen on transforming their outdoor spaces, and using home equity as a mortgage top-up to finance landscaping projects is a viable option.

Banks are generally open to lending money against home equity for landscaping projects. However, there are some crucial points to consider. Firstly, demonstrating the ability to service the loan is paramount, regardless of whether it's a small loan of $10,000 or a larger one reaching $100,000. The key is showcasing the capacity to repay the borrowed funds.

For owner-occupied properties, banks typically permit top-ups up to 80% of the property's value. In some cases, minor landscaping work might not require detailed invoices, such as basic grass upkeep or decking. However, for substantial landscaping projects, banks usually request invoices before disbursing the funds.

It's essential to understand that a mortgage top-up for landscaping is a separate loan, especially if the existing mortgage is fixed. Borrowers can opt for varying terms—longer or shorter—based on their preferences. For smaller amounts, say under $50,000, a shorter-term loan is often recommended to expedite repayment and clear the principal swiftly.

At NZ Mortgages, our experienced advisors guide clients through leveraging their home equity for landscaping endeavors. We ensure borrowers understand the nuances of mortgage top-ups and provide tailored advice to suit individual financial situations.

Looking to enhance your landscape using home equity? Consult our team at NZ Mortgages for expert guidance and seamless financing solutions.

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