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How to get up to $80,000 for only 1% Interest

Environmentally friendly solutions for your home and transport are becoming more and more appealing. With the banks offering loans that will help you improve your home and lifestyle, NZ Mortgages can help you take advantage of these.

In today's world, the call for sustainability and eco-conscious living has never been stronger. Recognizing this shift towards greener practices, major banks have introduced a compelling offering: clean and green loans. These loans, designed to incentivize environmentally-friendly upgrades, extend to a range of initiatives, from purchasing electric or hybrid vehicles to investing in solar insulation, heat pumps, and other eco-friendly home improvements.

What are these 'clean & green' loans?

Borrowers can access ultra-low interest rates, sometimes as low as 1%, on their financing. However, there are specific criteria to meet to qualify for these attractive rates. Firstly, borrowers must hold a home loan with the bank offering the loan. Secondly, they can top up their existing mortgage by up to 80% of the property's value, with a maximum loan value typically capped at $80,000 - as long as they hold 20% equity in their property.

This is an excellent opportunity to increase your home’s energy efficiency and comfort while reducing your environmental footprint. If your current lender doesn’t offer this type of loan, consider switching to a different lender to take advantage of these special deals. Keep in mind, though, that moving your mortgage may involve a loan establishment fee.

What can I use it for?

These loans can be used to secure your home vital eco-friendly upgrades such as solar panels or insulation. They also can be used for ensuring your property becomes more energy efficient and warmer with additions of heat pumps, ULEB (Ultra Low Emission Burner) fireplaces, underfloor heating, ducting and ventilation systems. Lastly and the most popular option, the purchase of an electric or hybrid car.

Loan Terms and Eligibility

Despite the allure of low interest rates, navigating the terms and eligibility criteria of clean and green loans can be confusing. Questions often arise regarding loan amounts, interest rates, and repayment structures. For clarity, borrowers should consult with their bank to understand the specific terms and conditions associated with these loans. It's essential to ensure that the proposed eco-friendly upgrades align with the bank's guidelines for clean and green initiatives.

Seizing the Opportunity

For homeowners looking to embrace sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint, clean and green loans present an excellent opportunity. Whether it's upgrading to an electric vehicle, installing solar panels, or enhancing home insulation, these loans empower individuals to make environmentally-conscious choices while also saving on interest payments.

In a world where environmental sustainability is paramount, clean and green loans offer a practical solution for individuals seeking to make eco-friendly upgrades to their homes and lifestyles. NZ Mortgages is here to support you every step of the way. Our team of dedicated mortgage advisers can help you explore clean and green loan options, ensuring that your sustainability goals align seamlessly with your financial objectives. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in making eco-friendly upgrades to your home.

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