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Making Waves in a Male-Dominated Industry: Elite Women 2024 Winners Interview

To celebrate their victory in the NZ Adviser Elite Women 2024 award category, we sat down with Mortgage Advisers Angela, Elena and Samantha to discuss what life as women in finance has been like.

The team at NZ Mortgages is extremely proud and privileged to have 3 winners of the NZ Adviser Elite Women award for 2024 in our ranks.

We sat down with them to discuss working in finance as women, and how they manage to succeed to such a high level every day, for every customer.

Angela, a former banking expert turned mortgage adviser, shares her journey of overcoming workplace gender stigma and silencing the whispers of self-doubt. For her, the key to conquering these challenges lay her support network.

Elena, originally from the Philippines, effortlessly transitioned from banking in her homeland to becoming a leading mortgage adviser in New Zealand. Overcoming language barriers, she found strength in a supportive team, enabling her to bridge gaps within the Filipino community and make a positive impact.

Samantha has been involved with the finance industry since she left high school across both NZ and Australia - apart from a brief detour into travel and insurance - and is a proud mother of two. She iterates that balancing work and family life takes a village of support - her partner, family, and workmates. It takes patience, timing, and a supportive work environment to navigate it, but camaraderie in the NZ Mortgages office is high.

A common theme these three brought up is the emphasis on teamwork, flexibility, and finding purpose in their roles for a healthy work-life balance. Quarterly breaks for rejuvenation, understanding clients' needs, and staying focused on goals emerge as crucial strategies for success.

"Maintaining a healthy work-life balance involves teamwork and support."

Ange echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and understanding clients' needs. Elena adds her perspective, urging individuals to find purpose in their work, be purposeful in their actions, and stay focused on their goals.

Proud moments are shared, from Sam finding fulfillment in helping clients secure dream homes to Ange's recognition as a top adviser in 2023 and Elena's swift progression to an adviser role. These achievements serve as both personal milestones and collective successes, which they celebrate with each other enthusiastically.

Mentors have also played a pivotal role in shaping their journeys through the years of career growth. Sam draws inspiration from her partner and parents, Ange credits colleagues and our Managing Director Nathan, and Elena highlights the impact of various roles and experiences, and the impact each customer has on the next.

As we celebrate their achievements, let their stories inspire the next generation of women to redefine success on their terms. And if you want to work with an award-winning adviser, you can find Sam's details here, Elena's here, and Ange's here.